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Do I Look Like a Terrorist Collaborator???

January 11, 2011

Israel's over-the-top racist, outrageous, demagogue of a foreign minister, Avigdor Lieberman, is at it again. In his latest rant in Haaretz (you can read it here) he "lashed out at human rights organizations, charging them with aiding terror and trying 'to weaken the Israel Defense Forces and its resolve to protect Israel's citizens.'" And...
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Bo 5771 — Moses, Pharaoh, and Wikileaks

January 7, 2011
Bo 5771 — Moses, Pharaoh, and Wikileaks

Moses is the premier example of a diplomat in the Torah.  As we see in not only this week’s Torah reading, but the last few weeks, Moses is serving as an Ambassador for God.  God is the “Chief Executive Officer” of the Jewish people; Moses represents the “government” in negotiations with the Egyptians. It’s...
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