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Vayeshev 5774 — Dreams

November 24, 2013
Vayeshev 5774 — Dreams

One of the major “themes” in parsha Vayeshev is dreams.  At the start of the story, Joseph has two dreams which show him in a position of power over his brothers.  At the end of the parsha instead of being the dreamer himself, Joseph is the dream interpreter, coming up with correct interpretations of...
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Vayeshev 5773 — A Tale of Envy

November 24, 2002

This week’s parsha contains a tale of envy between brothers. Yes, Joseph was an arrogant little guy, with his not only having dreams of his family bowing down to him, but sharing them. But the brother’s also had a great deal of envy toward their younger brother. Joseph was clearly their father’s favorite. The...
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