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Jewish Blogger's Convention

August 20, 2008
Jewish Blogger's Convention

I went to the Nefesh b’Nefesh First International Jewish Blogger’s Convention earlier this evening. When I first told my wife I was going to a blogger’s convention, she asked "isn’t that an oxymoron? What do they do, sit there typing at each?"  And Nefesh b’Nefesh did thoughtfully have a "laptop recharging station" for the...
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Vaetchanan 5768 – The Mitzvot and Israel

August 16, 2008
Vaetchanan 5768 – The Mitzvot and Israel

This D’var Torah was delivered at Moreshet Yisrael in Jerusalem on August 16, 2008 Moses was one of the most selfless men who ever lived. Throughout his life he thought of others, not of himself. When God told him he was needed to help his long lost Jewish brethren, he set out on a...
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