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The Persistence of Vision

November 21, 2007

One reason I haven’t posted much lately–other than too much stuff going on in general–is that I’m "blogmeister" for a new blog from the World Zionist Organization: "The Persistence of Vision: Israel at Sixty," which you can see at www.israelatsixty.org.il The WZO’s announcement of the new blog follows.  Scroll down to my post to...
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Toldot 5768 — Segragation in Israel

November 5, 2007
Toldot 5768 — Segragation in Israel

I went for a bike ride this morning, out to Ramat Rachel  and through the Arab village of Tsur Baher and back through East Talpiot.  When I ride my bike through an Arab village, I feel like quite the adventurer — most of the Jews I know NEVER travel through Arab villages, not in...
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Chayei Sarah 5768 — Intermarriage and Israel

November 2, 2007

At bar/bat mitzvah ceremonies, one not infrequently hears someone charge the young person with a statement like "you are now taking your place in a chain that extends back through the generations to Abraham…"  That picture of the chain going back over 3,000 years is so well used as to be a cliche; but...
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