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Bahaalotcha 5764

June 10, 2004

There is a verse that we sing when bring the Torah out of the Ark: Vayihi binsoa aron, vayomer Moshe: kuma, Adonai, v’yafutzu oyvecha, viyanusu mipanecha m’sanecha And it was when the ark traveled, Moses said, “Arise, Adonai, and may your enemies be scattered, may those who hate you flee from your presence!” This is...
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Naso 5764 — bitter waters, bitter treatment

June 3, 2004

 What’s the cure for an overwhelming case of marital jealousy? This week’s Torah portion, Naso, recommends psychological torture and sexual humiliation. That is exactly what the Sotah ritual, the ritual of the bitter waters, amounts to. If a man suspected his wife of having gone astray, and he was caught up in a ruach...
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